About Munsif Daily

We take the pleasure to inform you that Munsif Daily has retained its position as the number one Urdu daily in India for the 22nd consecutive term (Jul-Dec 2010). The audit bureau of circulation (ABC) has certified the net circulation of Munsif Daily at 60,009 copies per day. The readership of the Munsif Daily is about 12,00,000 per day.

We owe this extraordinary achievement to the continued patronage of our readers and valued support of all our advertisers. We have been able to register substantial growth in our circulation despite overall declining trends in the print media.

Munsif is far ahead of any competition in our class (Urdu dailies) on account of our positive approach, adoption of the state-of-the-art technology, focus on quality and the wholehearted support of our advertisers and readers.

The number one position that we enjoy is not limited to AndhraPradesh alone. Munsif leads in the neighboring states of Karnataka and Maharashtra, as well as abroad, particularly the united states of America, Europe and Gulf countries. Our internet edition too, attracts lakhs of hits daily from online readers across the globe.

We express our sincere thanks and deep gratitude to you all for your unstinted co-operation and support. Without which we would not have attained this unique position. We hope and trust that we will get your continued co-operation to do even better in future.